New Construction

New Construction


Why not get your roof right from the start? At Superior Metal Roofing, we’re experts at new construction metal roofing.

We can install a high-quality metal roof that will ensure your home’s first roof will be its last. We’re proud to work hand in hand with builders across Shreveport, Lafayette, Alexandria and the surrounding area. Whether we’ve worked with your builder in the past or will have the privilege of making new contacts and friends, we can do the job right — and for much less than most other metal roofing contractors.

We focus on building strong relationships with builders and homeowners and on providing high-quality products every time. You have choices in looks, designs and colors, but every metal roof we provide is solid, durable and guaranteed.

Simply submit your blueprints and we’ll do a precise, to-the-penny estimate for your permanent lifetime metal roof. When you work with us instead of having a temporary asphalt roof installed, you’ll be satisfied from the start and can save big. While many homeowners eventually upgrade to the superior quality of metal, you can save yourself the hassle and added expense of upgrading after the first hail or windstorm by choosing metal now.

Why not contact us right away for your new construction estimate?

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